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Oxymel | Force

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Oxymel | Force

CHF 16.80

    • Traditional tincture made from raw honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and a selection of local wild herbs

      Handcrafted | Organic | Raw | 100% Natural | Local

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          Size ⏤ 250ml

          Oxymel is a tried and tested recipe made from raw acacia honey, naturally cloudy Demeter apple cider vinegar and a selection of valuable local wild herbs. Your tincture is gently stirred for weeks and never heated. In this way all ingredients are retained. For the real taste of nature.

          The Force variety contains the robust wild herbs ground elder, dandelion, nettle and red clover. The powerful taste of uncultivated nature. As a morning routine, refreshment during sports or in between.

          Powerful wild herbs. Ground elder, nettle, dandelion and red clover.

          Ideal as a morning routine. As a refreshment during sport. Or just in between.

          Simple application. Mix a tablespoon with water, stir and that's it!

          100% local organic ingredients. Never heated. Without additives. According to a proven recipe.

          Ingredients ⏤ Naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar is a millennia-old, fermented household remedy. We use it in its most natural, unpasteurized form.

          Raw honey, obtained from beekeeping in accordance with the nature of the state in Brandenburg. It still contains all of its valuable substances and preserves the wild herbs in a natural way.

          Giersch is probably hated by every gardener because it is almost indestructible. The robust wild vegetables were already consumed in the Stone Age.

          Popularly, dandelions have 500 different names. Everything about the yellow flowering weeds is edible - and amazingly tasty.

          Nettle is a jack of all trades. It used to be used to weave fabrics and it contains so much chlorophyll that it was used for dyeing.

          Red clover tastes deliciously nutty and can be eaten straight from the meadow. Incidentally, the red clover belongs to the legumes, just like peas.


          Your Oxymel will take off and mature over several weeks. Then it is immediately ready for you to use. All you need to do is shake your Oxymel and mix it with water or a drink of your choice. Your refreshing wild herb extract is ready. Since our Oxymel is never heated, all bitter substances are retained. Mixed with water, the result is a fresh, not too bitter, wild herb drink. Bitter is not bad at all - try it yourself!

          nature as a source of strength

          Did you know that spending time in nature improves our concentration? By taking a little time out in the countryside, we can recharge our batteries and make the day much more powerful. Unfortunately, our original living space is being lost more and more frequently in everyday life. So let's go into untouched nature. Our place of power!

          “A stay in untouched nature is the absolute giver of strength for us. The Force variety preserves the taste of the wild. "

          List of ingredients ⏤ 100% organic: acacia honey, naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, ground elder, dandelion, nettle, red clover

          Application ⏤ Simply mix 1 tablespoon of Oxymel with a glass of water. Stir and you're done! Of course, your Oxymel also tastes great in another drink of your choice. Try it, for example, with naturally cloudy apple juice. Please do not heat your Oxymel over 38 degrees, otherwise important nutrients will be destroyed. You can also find many recipe ideas in our online magazine.

          Our holistic impulse: We love the Force variety as a daily break ritual in the workflow. Mix a tablespoon with water and take the golden-yellow elixir to the open window. View into the green! Did you know that just 5 minutes in nature has been shown to lower your blood pressure, pulse and blood cortisol levels? All three indicators of relaxation. Recharge your batteries for the rest of the day!

    • About the Brand
        • Kruut stands for a step back to nutrient-rich nature and knowing how to use it. Manufactured with values ​​that are often neglected today: time & dedication. With kruut, the team wants to bring powerful wild herbs back into our modern everyday life. Their recipes are based on the knowledge of herbal medicine that is thousands of years old. For natural rituals and wild enjoyment. 

          Their honey comes from beekeeping in line with the nature of the beautiful Havelland in Brandenburg. They only use natural Bioland honey for their Oxymel: Due to the high proportion of propolis, the recipe remains stable even without additional preservatives. As with the ancient Greeks! 

          They use their apple cider vinegar in its original form: unpasteurized, with the natural sediment and in Demeter quality. The popular home remedy comes from Northern Germany. It gives the Oxymel its tangy taste and extracts the effective plant substances from the wild herbs.

          The hand-picked wild herbs come from certified wild collectors and organic farms. Wild herbs were never cultivated and are therefore particularly robust, nutritious and tasty. They are an ideal addition to our current diet, as they contain important nutrients such as bitter substances and secondary plant substances.

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