All of our products are shipped from Switzerland by our independent vendors. Twint payment available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use our chatbox, we usually respond fast during the week. You can also shoot us an e-mail at

Vendors are independent sellers on the Ecolabo platform. Some vendors are retailers and carry different brands in their online shop while others are the manufacturers of one single brand.

Shipping rates from different vendors can add up at check out. We try our best to keep our shipping costs low so that customers can shop from many vendors at the same time. Our priority is to make sure that all vendors are being paid fairly, even if sometimes this means a higher shipping cost. You can always shop by vendor to only pay one shipping fee.

Our platform harbors independent brands that ship their products directly to you. We’re cutting off the middleman to avoid unnecessary shipping through Ecolabo. If you order from different vendors you will receive different packages. Shipping time may vary from one brand to another, although they are all shipped with the Swiss Post. 

Due to Covid-19, some shipping times have increased, please reach out to for any support with tracking your package

Many packages may not seem sustainable but we have studied this question long and hard. If we were to buy all of these items wholesale, ship them to our offices, repackage them, ship them back to every single one of you there would definitely be a bigger environmental cost. We are listed as a vendor because we had some leftovers from different events. Nevertheless, we just rather use our time showcasing brands, creating great marketing for them or coaching them. Everyone does what they do best !

If the product is in perfect condition, unused, unworn and unopened, you are eligible for a return. You can contact for a refund and we will communicate the address where you can send your package back. You will have to pay the 7CHF Swiss post fee to send items back. 

We respond to your emails from Monday to Friday from 9-6pm (in french and in english).

There are no exchanges on our platform so if you need a new item you will need to order it again. We recommend buying two sizes directly if you’re not sure, and returning just the one that doesn’t fit.  

There must be a glitch in the system. Please contact and we will track that package for you.

We respond to your emails from Monday to Friday from 9-6pm (in french and in english).

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