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    • Choc bars with seeds and superfoods designed to support the menstrual cycle. Contains 28 bars, one for every day of the cycle.

      Organic | Vegan | 100% Natural | Handmade | Plastic Free | Social | Eco Packaging

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    • Product Details

          Moonchy Bars are unique organic bars consisting of the finest Arriba Nacional ceremonial cacao, organic raw seeds and other naturally nutritious ingredients - designed to support the menstrual cycle.

          Size ⏤ With this order, you will receive 14 Moonchy Bars (14 x 40g), one for every second day of the cycle: 
          14 for Phase 1 (first half of the cycle: days 1 - 14)
          ⏤ 14 for Phase 2 (second half of the cycle: days 15 - 28)

          You can choose between two flavours for each phase:
          ⏤ Phase 1: Berry Vanilla & Salty Hazelnut;
          ⏤ Phase 2: Hazelnut Nougat & Cashew Banana.

          Click on the underlined flavours for a detailed description, ingredients and nutrition facts.

          Moonchy bars have been created to assist your body in restoring and maintaining its natural rhythm during two different phases of your cycle. Seed cycling is a daily routine of eating certain seeds’ combinations at different phases of your cycle which helps improve your menstrual cycle and reduce its uncomfortable symptoms. Read to our blog article to learn more.

          Ingredients list

          Berry Vanilla ⏤ 100% organic: cacao butter (25%), tigernut flour, flax seeds (17%), pumpkin seeds (17%), coconut blossom sugar, freeze-dried raspberries (1.5%), freeze-dried strawberries (1.5%), vanilla extract (1.3%), maca root powder (1.3%). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.

          Salty Hazelnut ⏤ 100% organic: cacao butter, flaxseeds (17%), pumpkin seeds (17%), coconut blossom sugar, tigernut flour, cacao mass (10%), hazelnuts (5%), maca root powder (1.3%), hazelnut paste (1%), salt (0.5%). Allergens: see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of other nuts and sesame.

          Hazelnut Nougat ⏤ 100% organic: cacao butter (23%), tigernut flour, sesame seeds (17%), sunflower seeds (17%), coconut blossom sugar, hazelnuts (5%), hazelnut paste (1%), ashwagandha powder (0.7%), salt. Allergens: see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of other nuts.

          Cashew Banana ⏤ 100% organic: cacao butter, sesame seeds (17%), sunflower seeds (17%), coconut blossom sugar, tigernut flour, cacao mass (10%), cashews (5%), freeze-dried bananas (3%), ashwagandha powder (0.7%). Allergens: see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of other nuts.

    • About the Brand
        • For generations, it has been believed that the menstrual cycle is somehow connected to the moon cycle. The Moon in Moonchy symbolises the natural power that a woman has when she is truly connected to her feminine energy and when her body and hormones are in balance. 

          Moonchy’s mission is to make you feel more in tune with your body. You can do that by understanding how hormone fluctuations affect your body and mind, and by starting to sync with your menstrual cycle. Once the founder of Moonchy - Alex has started listening to her body and nourishing it according to its needs during different phases, she unleashed her own natural healing power. This was when she realised that she wants to share her knowledge and help other women experience the same benefits of healthy menstrual cycles.

          As a real chocoholic, it always has been her dream to create a chocolate bar that she could enjoy every day, guilt-free, while supporting her body. Because she truly believes that food shouldn’t only be a fuel but also pure pleasure, she created Moonchy Bars – delicious and healthy bars designed to sync with the feminine cycle and supporting it. 

          Just as much as Moonchy cares about the women’s health, it cares as much about Mother Nature. Moonchy is committed to ensuring 100% organic, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients for its bars. The packaging of the bars as well as all the shipping materials are completely plastic-free, made either from paper or cardboard, are to a large extent recycled and FSC certified. You can either reuse, recycle or compost all the elements. 

          Moonchy also wants to help create a world in which every girl is respected and enabled to fulfil her full potential. Therefore, for every Moonchy product purchased, 3% of the proceeds will support the Girls Fund of Plan International which works on strengthening girls’ rights and eliminating disadvantages, poverty and sexual violence against girls.

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      • Variant: 7 Berry Vanilla & 7 Salty Hazelnut / 7 Hazelnut Nougat & 7 Cashew Banana
      • Brand: Moonchy

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