All of our products are shipped from Switzerland by our independent vendors. Twint payment available.

The baseline of our selection goes towards the impact on human lives. Our priority is that human lives are respected. We always investigate to know where the materials come from, where the products are made and in which conditions. Unfortunately, green is trending and many cheap but eco-friendly items are made in China in factories that do not respect fair working conditions. Even if the options that we propose are higher priced, it’s to ensure that they are ethical. Brands that empower local communities are also on our radar. All of our products come with a story regarding their designer and manufacturer because our first goal is to celebrate real makers and shakers. We do not have a category for ethical goods in our shop because you can be sure that they all are !

The pollution of our soils is a big concern to us, which is why we strongly advocate for organic products and ingredients, whether it be textiles, cosmetics or foods. Organic products benefit our health as well which is super important as we are becoming more and more sensitive to chemicals in our environment.

Natural can be a tricky word because there are no regulations around its use on products. For us it means using only raw materials which are not polluting. Natural textiles, materials, ingredients come with lower costs to the planet because they are renewable and can return to the soil. They are also a lot healthier to use. Basically we want to exclude everything that is made from synthetic origins like plastic or other petroleum based derivatives. We do not state that products are natural unless they are 100% natural.

In a capitalist world, the slow movement aims to reduce our ever growing thirst for new things. Regarding production, going slow means taking the time to manufacture each product with care. It’s a symbol of quality as well as respect towards workers and the planet. It also guarantees that products are not over-produced and do not generate unnecessary waste.

We are particularly supportive to our Swiss entrepreneurs and we are centering our marketplace around them to create more cohesion and support in our region. Artisanal goods are definitely our preferred option, we always look twice to see if we can find local, handmade versions of the products we need. For brands manufactured elsewhere, we carefully look at how brands encourage local production in small communities. We believe in giving back when it is done fairly.

While we understand that not everyone is involved in a vegan lifestyle, we still keep away from animal sourced products as much as possible. It is known that most leather tanneries do not follow ethical practices, slaughterhouses are a cruel place and livestock is very polluting. On the other hand, we’re not too fond of vegan alternatives that are made from plastic. Veganism and sustainability are intertwined on our platform because we pick brands who respect animal lives and nature, no matter what.

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