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Vulva Steams

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Vulva Steams

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    • Stimulating herbal steam baths

      100% Natural | Organic | Vegan | Non-toxic | Swiss made | Slow

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    • Product Details

          All  Vulva Steams  from LUNEAR ° are carefully manufactured and packaged by hand using only the most valuable raw materials.

          Release ⏤ The LUNEAR ° Vulva Steam Release contains various herbs that support body and mind in dissolving blockages so that energies can flow freely again. The mixture contains, among other things, the following medicinal plants:

          Sage - The herb drives away bad and disturbing energies, has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect.
          Mariengras - The grass has a harmonious, relaxing and cleansing effect on the mind.
          Yerba Santa - The warming effect of the Yerba Santa transforms disharmonious forces with its loving energy and allows peace to return.
          Löwenzahn - The green clearer helps to let go of old beliefs and old perspectives and to detoxify physically and mentally.

          Fertility ⏤ The LUNEAR ° Vulva Steam Fertility contains various herbs and flowers that can support fertility. The mix includes the following:

          Storchenschnabel - The plant, once popularly known as “child maker”, contains tannins that have an estrogen-like, positive effect. The cranesbill is also good on a mental level, because it helps to let go of old ballast and thus to prepare for new beginnings.

          Rose - The flower is said to have aphrodisiac properties. She gives confidence in herself, but also in her own body in the relationship and in the partner. The scent can also help with tension and listlessness.

          Lady's mantle and yarrow - Both medicinal plants have a regulating effect on the hormonal balance.

          Lavender - The purple beauty helps shut down, relax, and ground.

          Menstruation ⏤ The LUNEAR ° Vulva Steam Menstruation contains various herbs that can help with complaints before, during and after menstruation and make the cycle rhythmic. The mixture contains, among other things, the following medicinal plants: 

          Marigold, rose and clary sage - the three medicinal plants have a relaxing, antispasmodic and calming effect.
          Mugwort - The plant supports the female sexual organs and regulates the menstrual cycle.
          Raspberry Leaves - The serrated-edged leaves promote blood flow to the uterus and help detoxify.
          Yarrow Blossom - The medicinal herb is said to have a contracting and anti-bleeding effect.
          Lady's mantle - Used externally, the plant inhibits inflammation.

          Menopause ⏤ The LUNEAR ° Vulva Steam Menopause contains various herbs and flowers that support and relieve the female body during the hormonal change. The mixture contains, among other things, the following medicinal plants:

          Red clover - The medicinal herb is a real all-rounder in the treatment of menopausal symptoms . If the natural estrogen level falls during menopause, the isoflavones contained in red clover can balance it out and thus reduce physical and psychological complaints. Eelee root - the hormone-like substances of the root help with gynecological problems during menopause and relieve bladder and uterine discomfort due to their connective tissue strengthening property.
          Lady's mantle - The external application of the lady's mantle has an anti-inflammatory effect. 
          Raspberry leaves - The leaves with a serrated edge promote blood flow to the uterus and support detoxification processes.

          Size ⏤ 24ml

          How to use ⏤ The LUNEAR ° Vulva Steam Release should be used at least twice during a cycle. You should take about an hour to do this in peace. Package content is sufficient for 3-4 applications. You don't need any special utensils for this. Detailed instructions are enclosed with the product.

          Do not use: if you suspect vaginal fungus, during pregnancy or if you have an IUD. If you want to use this Vulva Steam during the puerperium, talk to your midwife or gynecologist first. Store dry and protected from light.

          More info on vulva steaming here

          Ingredients list ⏤ Release : Sage, Mariengrass, Yerba Santa, lavender blossom, lemon balm, dandelion blossom, dandelion leaves.
          Fertility: Yarrow blossom, lady's mantle, yarrow herb, rose petals, lavender blossom, cranesbill.
          Menstruation: Marigold, mugwort, red clover, raspberry leaves, rose petals, lavender blossom, yarrow blossom, clary sage, lady's mantle.
          Menopause: Red clover, alant, lady's mantle, raspberry leaves, damiana, sage, chamomile, rose petals.

          Handcrafted in Switzerland

          Bottled in high-quality, light-protecting violet glass bottles and packed in a cotton bag.

    • About the Brand
        • Behind LUNEAR ° are the two founders Stefanie and Marlen. Together they share a fascination for natural remedies specializing in the needs of women. The focus is on holistic well-being and in the production of LUNEAR ° creations as well as the choice of external suppliers, they concentrate on respectful sustainability and animal-free products. All LUNEAR ° care products and natural remedies are organic, 100% natural, made in Switzerland with the greatest care and attention.


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